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Do I really need a website?

Do I really need a website? It’s a question a lot of small businesses ask, and in short the answer is YES!

There's so many positives a website can offer your business. We'll be delving into 5 of the most compelling reasons in a series of upcoming blogs to see why your small business really does need its own website!

  1. A website makes you look professional and credible

  2. A website helps new customers find you through google

  3. A website gives you space to show off what’s unique about your business

  4. A website gives you space to highlight your reviews & testimonials

  5. A website makes it easy for people to find your contact details


If you think it’s time your small business had a website of it’s own, get in touch for a chat.

Contact Fiona at Effortless Websites by calling 07729 800 724 or emailing


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