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About Us

About  Us

Protrait photography of Fiona with her horse Casper

Hello, I'm Fiona

I’m a web designer with a passion for helping small businesses achieve their goals by enhancing their digital presence.


As the owner of Effortless Websites, I specialise in creating custom websites for all kinds of small businesses across the UK.


I strongly believe that small businesses should have access to a professional, straightforward and affordable website design and digital services. Whether you’re a start-up, a one-man-band, a small business looking for a refresh, an organisation looking to taken the next step in their business growth, or a small charity, I am here to help.


I take pride in my approachable and friendly attitude. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you know about websites, I’m here to support and guide you so that you feel comfortable with the digital offer your business presents to its customers.


So if you’re looking for someone to talk to about your ideas, I would love to listen!

Who am I?

When you work with Effortless Websites, you’re not working with a faceless company. You’re working with me, and I believe that having a personal connection and genuine interest in your business is key to a successful working partnership.


So here’s a little bit more about me as a person:


I’m Fiona Southcott, and I live with my partner Keith in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. I have a horse called Casper, who I am absolutely devoted to. I’ve been involved with horses since I was a child, helping out at the local riding stables in exchange for lessons, becoming a groom and eventually working in equestrian marketing. “Owning a Pony” was my childhood dream, which I eventually achieved at the age of 24 when Casper came into my life.

Effortless Websites feather

Founding Effortless Websites

After working in the marketing sector for over a decade I was ready for a new challenge. Having worked in various industries during this time I had amassed a broad range of skills, and saw clearly how a customer-centric approach to business was absolutely key. Being a little bit of a “geek”, I’ve always found myself enjoying the systems and website management aspects of my role the most.


While slightly unusual in terms of marketing career paths, to me it seemed that the absolutely logical next step was to upgrade my technical skills even further, and use everything that marketing had taught me to offer a customer focused website design & build service.


Effortless Websites came about as I sought to fill a gap in the market – for a friendly, personalised and easy way to access professional and affordable website design services for smaller businesses. A space free from technical jargon, assumptions, or chasing larger business contracts. A space where I could truly get to know and care about your small business, and deliver the very best digital options to help you connect with your customers and grow your business success.

pottering about in my little garden,

or hiding in the warm sewing if it’s cold or rainy outside!

behind a camera somewhere (usually an equestrian event),

enjoying an early morning ride,

When I’m not developing websites, you’re likely to find me:

View from behind the ears of a grey horse, on a misty frosty morning of an orange sunrise catching in the clouds
Garden of flowers
Behind the scenes shot of Fiona taking a picture of a horse jumpingon a cross country course
Close up photo of a partially completed cross stitch
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