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A website makes you look professional and credible

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Does your small business really does need a website? Yes it does! Here's the first reason why:

A website makes you look professional and credible

Lots of small businesses start up on social media channels, and why not? It’s a great way of testing the water, getting your name out there, and building the beginnings of a successful business.

So if you’re successful on social media, why do you need a website? - It’s all about providing your customer with the Trust Indicators they’re looking for! A website demonstrates to the customer that you’re real, you’re serious, and it gives them the confidence to contact you or buy from you.

Think about a time when you came across a great product or service on social media. Did you go straight ahead with the purchase, or did you do a little digging first?


This short blog is the first in the “Do I really need a website” series, click here to read more!



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