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W Parrott Photography

The Challenge

W Parrott Photography is a local equestrian photography service that offers event photography and equestrian & pet photoshoots. Their old website had become outdated, and the key contact form had ceased to function. This had led to a reduced user experience, and a lot of admin time from the business having to deal with all requests manually.

The Process

Improving the customer experience

The new website is easy to use, simple to navigate, and the proof request forms are very easy to find and complete. The automations help to keep the customer informed at each stage of their purchasing journey.

An easy to toggle on/off alert box was also added to the site. This allows Bill to quickly and easily let his customers know waiting times when he is busy, managing customer expectations from the outset. This also helps to cut down customer queries about wait times, which again speeds up the process time as the business can focus on getting orders out to customers.

Saving the business time

The business had previously been struggling to keep up with demand due to the heavy admin requirement of manual processing each request and going back and forth to get the correct information from the customers.

Through the use of the custom contact form collection all the information needed at the first point of contact, and the addition of automated email responses to submissions, a huge amount of admin time was cut down, freeing up time for the business to do what they do best – capture brilliant pictures and deliver these to their customers.

Custom contact form

One of the key requirements of the site was a custom contact form which could collect all of the information needed from the customer at the first point of contact. A custom form was built which collects all of the essential information and delivers it straight to the businesses inbox.

The form also features a “re-CAPTCHA” box to help eliminate spam emails and potential DDOS attacks on the site.

Fully responsive to desktop, tablet and mobiles
Custom contact form
Alert box
Simple navigation

The Solution

Effortless Websites created a new website that highlights Bill’s photography whilst remaining simple in design and very easy to navigate. By listening to and understanding the business, we were able to identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience and cut down on admin time through the use of technology.

Website Features

"Fiona replaced my old worn out website with a new site including a proof request service. I am delighted with the site and the fact that she kept me in the loop at all times. I cannot recommend her work highly enough."

Bill Parrott, W Parrott Photography

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