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J Rose Equine Physiotherapy

The Challenge

Run by Jenny Rowlinson, J Rose Equine Physio is a new equestrian physiotherapy service based in the Sussex and Guernsey areas of the UK. Jenny needed a new website to help get her business off the ground. Custom contact forms, mobile responsiveness and a strong style that reflected Jenny’s personality were key requirements of this site.

The Process

Information without overload

Due to the nature of the business, some pages required quite a large amount of text. Graphics, photos and clever layout tricks were used to ensure that each page was visually appealing, and that the customer didn’t ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of text on the page.

Exploring the user journey

There was lots of information that Jenny needed to make available to customers at different stages in their interaction with the business. The key contact points, user journey and calls-to-action were thoroughly explored before the site structure was created. Despite the large amounts of information we were able to produce a site with a simple and straightforward navigation, so customers could easily access the information they needed.

Personality and style

Jenny had recently had a logo created which she loved, and it was this which formed the basis of the styling for the site.

Getting the balance between professionalism and personality right was crucial – Jenny needed to stand out from the crowd, but her customers needed to understand that Jenny is highly qualified and reliable at a glance. The combination of pink, grey and white used throughout the site has resulted in a memorable yet modern and refined style that suits Jenny’s personality and business in perfect measure.

Fully responsive to desktop, tablet and mobiles
Custom contact form
Simple navigation
Strong styling and design

The Solution

Effortless Websites delivered a new website that contains high volumes of relevant information, whilst simultaneously providing a seamless user experience to Jenny’s clients. By taking the time to get to know Jenny we were able to create a design that balances her professionalism with her personality, and which includes and the “perfect amount of pink”.

Website Features

Effortless Websites have done the most amazing job - I cannot thank Fiona enough. So professional and personal at the same time. Highly, highly recommend to all other small businesses. To think I was going to try and do this myself!

Jenny Rowlinson, J Rose Equine Pyhsiotherapy

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