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Field House Marchington

The Challenge

Field House were in desperate need of a new website, but had been unsure of where to turn to, and apprehensive about making the change. Their current website had been live since 2008, and although functional it was outdated and difficult to use and to edit, their website provider was retiring, and they needed a new solution to deliver a modern user experience. Equestrian businesses can be complicated, and having someone who understood the industry and could speak the language was key. That’s where Effortless Websites came in!

The Process

Weekly updates needed

Event times and results need uploading on a weekly basis, and previously, this wasn’t something that Field House were able to undertake themselves, instead having to rely on the availability of their Web Developer. Thanks to some nifty use of the inbuilt WIX CMS system, Field House can now easily pop into the WIX app on a phone and update their times and results from anywhere, at any time.

User experience – the proof is in the pudding!

The new website was going to be a big change for Field House’s customers. Most of their customers are regular, or returning customers, and as the old site had been in place for 15 years it was very familiar. The navigation for the new site was very carefully thought about, and user journey’s meticulously mapped out, to ensure everything was logical and easy to find. As the phrase goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and this certainly seems to be holding true: two weeks from launch and not a single customer query about how to find anything. Result!

A new look

While Field House were very well established and respected in their Field, they had never had a visual representation for their brand. In depth discussions took place to discover the heart and sole of the brand, and a colour palette, styling, fonts and logo were created to give them an instantly recognisable visual presence. The leafy green and traditional cream represent the heritage of the brand, while the zingy lime green highlights reflect their ability to move with the times, and their iconic arena arch is reflected in the softly arched lettering of the logo

Simple Navigation
Fully responsive to desktops, tablets & phones
Easy to edit
Integration with an external booking system
Strong visual identity

The Solution

Effortless Websites worked closely with Field House to produce a user friendly, easy-to-admin website that gives the brand an instantly recognisable identity.

Website Features

Field House found Effortless Websites through a friend and they came with a strong recommendation. We had a meeting to discuss our requirements and Fiona came back to us quickly with an easy to follow action plan with all costs outlined.

Fiona kept us updated all throughout the process of upgrading our website sending many options for branding and colour schemes and offering helpful advice. She has also collaborated with the previous designer to gain all the necessary information making it a very easy process from our point of view. We love the new look of the website and have had some fantastic feedback.

Field House would highly recommend Effortless Websites. It is a very professional and easy to use service.

Sarah Critchlow, Field House Marchington

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