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Derby Magic Circle

The Challenge

Derby Magic Circle were looking for a new website that modern, stylish and easy to keep update. Most importantly, they were looking to their new site to bring a little magic to their website user’s experience!

The Process

Easy updates

An easy-to-update site was a key requirement for the members of Derby Magic Circle. All areas that need frequent updates, such as the events, members directory and items for sale have simple input forms and tables built in, so no complex web editing is required to update the site.

A site with two purposes

The Derby Magic Circle website has two purposes. The first is to provide information to members of the general public. This includes visiting magicians looking for event information, amateur magicians hoping to become a member, and corporate and fundraisers looking for an evening of entertainment.

The second purpose of the site is to provide sensitive information to DMS’s current members. This aim is achieved by having public facing information pages of the website, and a password protected members area with specific information that only members may access.

Making the magic happen

As with all websites, it’s imperative that the site reflects the personality of the organisation it represents. Derby Magic Circle therefore required their website to deliver a fun, theatrical and magical experience to it’s viewers.

The bold landing page of the site starts the website users experience and sets the scene, with a curtain up video, animated logo and button being revealed as the curtain sweeps away.

Throughout the rest of the site a careful balance was achieved by integrating subtle animated elements on the page to add some interest and movement, without overwhelming the site user or taking away from the information or purpose of the page.

Subtle animated elements throughout the site
Easy-to-update events section
Password protected members area
Bespoke contact forms throughout the site
Easy-to-update latest news section

The Solution

Effortless Websites conjoured up a s fun and exciting site that instantly appeals to fans of the magical arts. The site cleverly caters for it’s different audiences whilst appearing cohesive and balanced between it’s main aims.

Website Features

"Our old website was administered by its members on an ad hoc basis - it was agreed a more professional approach was needed. From a local advertisement a meeting was arranged with Fiona Southcott with ideas of what we wanted discussed - it was left to Fiona to add her skills to develop a new site - this was accepted & approved with a long term monthly updating contract. Very pleased with the results & relationship."

Allan Humphries, Executive Secretary for Derby Magic Circle.

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