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Aspire Therapy Services Ltd.

The Challenge

Led by Dr. Kristina Ivings, Aspire Therapy Services Ltd. has experienced successful growth over the last 8 years. During that time their original website’s styling had become outdated, and the information in the site was difficult to keep up to date.

Having recently developed the SPIRAL Model of Care and subsequently published the SPIRAL Manual, Aspire were in need of a website which could support sales of the manual with an ecommerce function, alongside space to promote the accompanying SPIRAL training courses.

The Process

Bringing ecommerce to the business

Ecommerce was a new area to Aspire, so it was essential that the system chosen was easy to edit, and straightforward to operate on a day-to-day basis. Ionos was chosen as the platform for this reason as the user-friendly system helps to reduce administrative tasks and time needed.

Balancing the business aims

With the website required to promote several different aspects of the business, the site structure, navigation and layout was key. Each user group was carefully identified and their use of the website was “walked-through”, in order to map their journey. This allowed a refined navigation that is simple and easy to use, giving Aspire’s customers the best possible browsing experience.

Creating a new look

Creating a harmonious balance in styling between the three key areas of the site: SPIRAL Manual, SPIRAL Training amd Aspire Therapy Services, was essential. A strong yet calming turquoise was chosen to compliment the rainbow spiral logo provided, and the result was a consistent look and feel which pulled together the various elements and pages across the site.

A full suite of icons was created to drive interest and assist with signposting. Rainbow Icons were used to create a flowing narrative throughout the elements of the SPIRAL Modal of Care, and these icons will go on to be incorporated into further literature produced by the organisation.

Fully responsive to desktop, tablet and mobiles
Ecommerce functionality
Custom contact forms
Easy to update News section
New look and styling

The Solution

Effortless Websites created a new ecommerce website that allowed for the new direction and expansion of Aspire Therapy Services. We gave Krissie the confidence and empowered her to edit her own site as needed, safe in the knowledge that we were always just a phone call or email away for any help, advice or bigger changes and additions.

Website Features

I have put off getting a website designer to build me a site for years. I assumed it would be expensive, time consuming and stressful. I felt that I would never be able to edit my own page so it would rapidly go out of date.

I could not have been more wrong.

A speculative email to Fiona from Effortless Websites, led to a free ‘Discovery Call’ where I explained what I was hoping to achieve with a site. I was not even that clear on what I wanted but Fiona guided my thinking which in itself was helpful. She then sent me a proposal outlining the key functions of the site and putting everything so clearly. Suddenly I understood how a good site could help my business develop.

She then built the website over about 6 weeks. It was cost effective, efficient and looked better than I could have hoped. She has even managed to show me how to edit it with very clear instruction. I can’t even turn my own tv on but I can edit my site.

I can’t thank Fiona enough for her work. She is now building me another site for a different business!

Dr. Kristina Ivings, Aspire Therapy

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